Your first discus

We're a community of discus hobbyist and if not, you must have accidentally landed on the wrong website! HAHA.....Lets recall our first time as discus keepers, do you remember the first discus you've purchased and how big or small it was. Did you dive head in first and purchased a world class discus or tippy toed to a beginner's discus? Did you knew what strain it was, or plainly was mesmerized by the appearance and just had to have it?

Like many others out there, I was in the same boat. Unsure about discus and all that was put forth on the web and so I put off on purchasing a discus. Another reason why I hadn't kept discus was plainly didn't know where to get one. All the mom and pop's aquarium store were far and wide, until I was out visiting family in the Bay Area "California" that I finally stumbled on a discus and that would be the beginning of my story.

So to keep comments and responses short, what was your first discus and what characteristics you enjoyed the most. Include 1 photo of your best current discus if possible.


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