Discus Talks, A Community Blog Spot

June 2, 2017


Discus Talks is your #1 Discus Blog Spot catering to all things Discus and Discus keeping, with vast amount of information being put out on the web these days, you are in no short of information and news. But are the information your reading accurate or is it a myth? For example, Discus are meant to be house in low PH levels...Discus are hard to keep...Discus are saltwater etc. Well you get the idea, this blog spot is to keep our subscriber informed and leaving the door open for all to participate. All in all keeping hobbyist informed, which in the end makes Discus keeping fun and stress free. Call it a free information bank with the help from our admin and community subscribers. With sources from advance keeper to world class breeders and hobbyist throughout the world, we encourage all subscribers to chime in and spread a little knowledge that surely will go a long way for others.