Next-business-day delivery by 1pm - 4:30pm to most U.S. Residential Address. 

Please Note: Champion Discus ship on Monday - Thursday.

Orders will arrive the following day. Example: placing orders on Monday, will have orders arriving on Tuesday.

Saturday Delivery Service:  Available when placing orders on Friday. Subjected to an increase fee.

Live Fish Shipping Flat Rates:

Northern California ....($40 - $49)

Southern California.....($60 - $89)

Non- California ............($80 - $129)

*Saturday Delivery Service available base on "FedEx Rates"

Shipping rate is base on 1 box, with our largest box size fits up to 8 discus fish.

Exceeding our large box size will require additional ship charge. 

After transaction as been process, Champion Discus will send an email requesting customer's choice of delivery date (Tuesday - Friday).

Note: keep in mind that we need to fast our discus 2-3 days prior to shipping them, this allows any waste in their digestive tract to exit before shipping. Thus placing orders 2-3 days ahead of schedule delivery is recommended.





Shipping airport to airport is another option we offer. 

Please Note: Customers are to pick up orders on their behalf.

Champion Discus will provide airline flight schedule "closely" matching customers' desire pick up availability.  

Once delivery is confirm, we will email Air Way Bill (AWB) tracking/pick up #. 

"Only" available for Afternoon & Evening pick-up.

"Only" available to airports serviced by Delta & Southwest Airlines.

Local Pick Up

Local pick up is allowed. Feel free to contact us to arrange for your pick up.

Located in Merced, CA 95348

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Product & Merchandise

For Live Fish

  • Package tracking for quick updates.

  • Limited insurance up to $50 value. 

  • Saturday delivery 

  • Ships From Merced, California

  • Priority 1-3 business days: $8.65

  • International shipping:

    • First Class   $25  (14-17 Bus. days)

    • Priority Mail $38  (6 - 10 Bus. days)

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Free Packaging

Every discus fish purchase from Champion Discus will be packaged with extreme care. Our fish and it's overall well-being is our top priority! Taking careful steps in securing the best shipping condition for our discus before embarking the distance to your doorsteps. Thus, ensuring our signature care that every order is process identically with all amenities of comfort and for safe travel. 

Our shipping box size: L x W x H

Small: 12" x 12" x 11"   This will fit:

2 various adult size of 4"-5.5"

3 juvenile size of 3"-3.5"

4 small size of 2"-2.5"

Ship Rate:

- Northern California $40

- Southern California $60

- Non- California shipping $80

Standard: 15" x 15" x 12"   This will fit:

4 - 5 various adult size of 4.5"-6"

6-7 juvenile size of 3"-4"

8-9 small size of 2"-2.5"

Ship Rate:

- Northern California $49

- Southern California $75

- Non- California shipping $100

Cargo Shipping box: 20" x 16" 15" This will fit:

6-8 various adult size of 4.5"-6"

10 juvenile size of 3"-4"

17 small size of 2"-2.5"

Ship Rate:

- Northern California $49

- Southern California $89

- Non- California shipping $129

All packaging will come with the minimum:

1 heat pad, triple bagged with additional black liner per fish

2 outer liner bag to safeguard against leaks.

Box will be filled with peanut foam and recycled absorbing paper liner.    

*If more amenities are needed we will do so, free.

heat pad, shipping supplies
Shipping live fish