Dead on Arrival Policy 

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and aim to make all deliveries swift and as well pleasant.

In case of a DOA (dead on arrival) incident, it is crucial to inform us in a timely manner in order to receive a refund. Please have the shipping bag as is, "unopened". Please send 1-4 photos or a short video of the DOA.

We understand that some customer prefer to get their fish out of the shipping bag as soon as possible to lighten the stress caused by shipping. We ask that if this is the case, the newly fish "MUST" be placed in a quarantine tank. 

*Mixing any new fish without quarantine is a huge mistake, refund voided if this occur.

If your orders happen to be dead while pouring it into the quarantine tank, please take 4 photos of the decease fish inside the tank and email it to us. 

*Please realize discus are delicate fish and we ask all our buyers to do their research/ask us any questions prior to purchasing. 

*Refund voided, if death is cause by customer at any time.

*Refund voided, without photo proof of decease fish within the time frame.  Minimum of 4 photos must be received within 24 hrs. 

Refund Options:

  • Receive a full value refund electronically. 

  • Receive full store credit towards your next purchase.

  • Refund is only for individual decease fish.

  • *Excludes shipping cost on all refunds. 

Extended Warranty 

Now offering extended warranty on all "Live Discus" purchases. As a personally thank you and appreciation to our loyal - fantastic customers. 

We understand how heartbreaking it is to experience a tragic scenario within days of receiving your new aquatic discus, especially when you've been eagerly waiting for it. We are committed in creating exciting experiences for our customers and their new aquatic discus. 

This extended warranty will cover up to 3 days, starting from the date customers receive their orders. Any death that occurs, we will refund in store credits (excludes shipping cost).