Wormer X

Size: 20 grams (treats 1,300 gallons of water)

Concentrate form


Wormer X is prescribed to treat internal round worms parasite that can lead to:

  • Imbalance digestive system
  • Poor eating habits
  • White feces 
  • Effective against worms such as, Capillaria and Camallanus 
  • Treat for emaciated (thin or skinny discus)



*Two step treatment


Step #1: Sign of illness, add 1 spoonful (1 gram) for every 65 gallon of water.

This (1 gram) treatment last 5 days. On the 5th day, do a water change and 1st treatment is complete. Allow your fish to recoup for 4-5 days before step #2. 


Step#2:   Since the medication is only effective against worms in free swimming stage, it is highly suggested to re-dose during day 10, to kill off remaining parasites. Allow medication to work for additional 5 days. Once those 5 days are completed, do a full water change (removing all the water in the aquarium). Treatment is now complete.  



Wormer X


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