Wormer X

Size: 20 grams (treats 1,300 gallons of water)

Concentrate form of Levamisole


Wormer X is prescribed to treat internal round worms parasite that can lead to:

  • Imbalance digestive system
  • Poor eating habits
  • White feces 
  • Treat for emaciated (thin or skinny discus)
  • Effective against worms such as:
    • Capillaria
    • Camallanus
    • Round worms (Nematoda)
    • Hook worms


Levamisole kills worms by paralyzing their organ functions, slowly diminishing the worms ability to feed or multiply. Secondly, parasitic worm eggs are uneffected due to it's protective outer shell. Thus, it is paramount to continue treatment for the duration of time as specified in order to kill off newly hatched parasitic worms. 


Please note, that Levamisole is ineffective under exposure to lighting. Best practice is to medicate your discus fish during night with aquarium lighting off.



*Two step treatment


Full dose (1 gram) = treats 65 gallon

1/2 dose (.5 grams) = 32.5 gallon

1/4 dose (.25) = 16.25 gallon


To avoid overdosage, a reduce application is best. 


Step #1: Sign of illness, add 1 spoonful (1 gram) for every 65 gallon of water.

This (1 gram) treatment last 5 days. On the 5th day, do a water change and 1st treatment is complete. Allow your fish to recoup for 4-5 days before step #2. 


Step#2:   Since the medication is only effective against worms in free swimming stage, it is highly suggested to re-dose during day 10, to kill off remaining parasites. Allow medication to work for additional 5 days. Once those 5 days are completed, do a full water change (removing all the water in the aquarium). Treatment is now complete.  


Additional Option:

To orally adminstrate, by mixing the medication with homemade discus food recipe.



Please caution and avoid over dosage. Discus fish can be senstive to this medication. 




We encourage all hobbyist to fully complete the treatment as per directed. Failing to fully complete the treatment by stopping short of the required days, will only fix short term problems and not completely fix the underlying issue. Furthermore, resulting in parasite & bacteria immunity towards the medication leading to more complications.


*www.Champion-Discus.com is not liable for any incorrect use of medications purchased on this website, please research prior to purchasing. Secondly, we do not claim products sold on www.Champion-Discus.com will entirely fix the problem the product is intended for. Use at own discretion. Store in a cool area, away from children's reach. For use on ornamental fish only, not intended for human consumption. Please contact your nearest emergency service if accidentally consumed.

Wormer X: White Feces Cure