VitaChem: Liquid Vitamin

Size: 4 fl oz


A complete vitamin supplement with natural lipids and aminos. It`s great for fin regeneration & preventing lateral line disease. Pre-stablized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble - an exclusive revolutionary New concept in vitamin supplements for aquatic fish kep in closed systems. Helps aid with fin regeneration & lateral line diease.



  • Brings Out The Natural Colors In Fish
  • Pre-Stabilized Multi-Vitamin Water And Tissue Soluble
  • Great For Fin Degenration And Lateral Line Disease
  • 30 Added Naturally Occurring Extracts Bonded With Naturally Occurring Amino Acids That Are Receptive To And Absorbed Into Fish Tissues
  • Improves Growth, Appetite, Color And Vitality To Fish
  • Encourage breeding
  • Tissue repair



Guaranteed Analysis (per ounce)
1 fl oz = 28 grams
Moisture 90.1% max   Crude Protein 1.35% min
Crude Fat 0.9% min   Crude Fiber 2.0%
Vitamin A 175000 IU   Vitamin B 12 40 mg
Vitamin E 1000 mg   L-Histidine .01%
Omega 3 .33%   Vitamin C 600 ppm
L-Methionine .01%   Vitamin B2 500 ppm
Vitamin B6 400 ppm   Biotin 140 mg
L-Leucine .02%   Lysine Monohydrochloride .02%
Phenylalanine .02%   L-Argine .01%
Isoleucine .01%   Threonine .01%


Shake well, add 1 drop per gallon directly into the aquarium water or add several drops to soak fish food before daily feedings. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.


1 teaspoon = 50 US gallon of water.


VitaChem: Liquid Vitamin


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