Red Cover 


The Red Cover feature a distinctive ring or otherwise called a halo ring around its body. This halo ring is either dark blue, blue, or light blue and is visible near the outer fin region. Feature a brown red body that constrast very well with the halo ring. The Red Cover has stress bars but are lightly visible to none noticeable. With all the features mentioned, the Red Cover discus is a unique strain and highly collectible among discus hobbyist. 


Champion Discus

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Red Cover 5.5"

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    *Discus fish will tend to blend in with their enviroment to camouflage or darken from predators. Thus a lighted aquarium with lighter background is suggested to bring out the best colors of the discus fish.


    *All fish are unique in appearance, thus no two discus will be identical in terms of pattern, shape or intensity of color.


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