Size: 90 gram


Nutriboost is a blend of many natural ingredients that will play two important roles.


1. It will add all micro nutrients that is required to guarantee that your fish food is not lacking in any nutrients that could hinder growth of overall well being of the discus fish. Preventing nutrient deficiency. 


2. It has functional feed additives, each will play a specific role in enhancing certain areas of the fish. 

  • Increase growth
  • Increase immunity
  • Increase dieases resistence
  • Help in prevention of white fish poop
  • Packed with multi-vitamins and minerals
  • Enhance coloration


Package Ingredients:

  • Omega-3: To enchance immunity, growth and provides energy souce. 
  • Carotenoids: Enchance coloration sheen. 
  • Pre and Pro biotics: Aiding in the immunity system, maintaining a healthy gut, resist intestinal parasites and enhance appetite. Increase pathogen figthing cells.
  • Acidifier: Lower ph level in the gut, providing an anti-microbial effect that stimulates and activates digestive enzymes. 
  • Garlic extract: Will kill harmful bacteria without distrubing the beneficial bacteria.
  • Algea extract: Acts as a binding agent that will prevent the break up of ingredients. 


How to prepare:

Add the full content and gradually mixing it over 2 pounds of minced base ingredient (seafood mix or beefheart mix of your choice).



Nutriboost: Vitamin & Mineral Supplement


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