AmQuel Ammonia Remover

Size: 1 gal, 16 fl oz, 8 fl oz


  • A True One-step Liquid Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia Remover
  • Nontoxic To Fishes, Aquatic invertebrates, And Other Aquatic Life
  • Fast Acting Within Five Minutes, Simple To Use
  • Effective In Removing Toxic Pheromones
  • Made in U.S.A


AmQuel is completely unlike those dechlorinators that claim to "remove" chloramines. Those products only break the chlorine-ammonia bond of chloramines by simple dechlorination, leaving the toxic ammonia in the water. Using those other products, the resulting ammonia must be removed by bacterial action which can take days or weeks, or by adsorption on granular or powdered zeolites (clinoptilolites). In addition, AmQuel functions as well in salt water as it does in fresh water; whereas zeolites do not remove ammonia in salt water.


8 ounce (236mL) bottle - treats 480 gallons

16 ounce (473mL) bottle - treats 960 gallons

1 gallon (3.78L) bottle - treats 7,693 gallons

Kordon AmQuel Ammonia Remover