Hexa X

Size: 20 grams

Treats 400 US gallon of water


Hexa X is a treatment for ornamental fish with case of protozoans and flagellate infection (Hexamita), particularly Hole in the Head issue and lateral line erosion.


Hexamita is a genus of parastic dilomonads, the species that infects fish are Hexamita Salmonis and Hexamita Truttae which lives in the infected intestines of fish. Hexamita are opportunistic pathogen and attacks/surfaces when fish are stress, malnourished and or due to poor immunity. 


Hexamitds secrete a histolytic enzyms which contribute to the development of anaemia and lesion (internal and external lesion), leading to fish mortality. 


What may cause Hexamita infections:

  • Malnutrition (Vitamin B & C deficiency) 
  • Aquarium over crowding
  • Stress


Symptoms includes:

  • Dark color 
  • Weight loss
  • Anorexia
  • White feces
  • Pits (Hole) on or near the facial region of the fish
  • Body lesions



  • Adequate water changes with removal of organic debris
  • Feed a balanced nutrition diet with vitamin B & C


Two options for treatment of Hexamita infections. 

  • Oral, by mixing/soaking the medication with fish food
  • Bath, treating the fish in a quarantine tank


Bath Treatment:

Add 1 spoonful (0.5 gram) for every 10 US gallon of water to be treated. Following day, remove 30-50% of water and repeat this process for 10 days. 


Oral Treatment:

Add 2 spoonful (1 gram) to every 100 gram of prepared food, mix thoroughly. Feed fish twice a day for 7-10 days. 


Ingredient: Metronidazole



We encourage all hobbyist to fully complete the treatment as per directed. Failing to fully complete the treatment by stopping short of the required days, will only fix short term problems and not completely fix the underlying issue. Furthermore, resulting in parasite & bacteria immunity towards the medication leading to more complications.


*www.Champion-Discus.com is not liable for any incorrect use of medications purchased on this website, please research prior to purchasing. Secondly, we do not claim products sold on www.Champion-Discus.com will entirely fix the problem the product is intended for. Use at own discretion. Store in a cool area, away from children's reach. For use on ornamental fish only, not intended for human consumption. Please contact your nearest emergency service if accidentally consumed.

Hexa X : Hole in the Head & Lesion Cure