Fluke X

Size: 20 gram

Concentrated Praziquantel


Prazi is a very effective and safe treatment for:

  • Skin fluke
  • Gill fluke
  • Tape worms
  • Use for discus that are constantly flashing, rubbing against objects. 


This product is in concentrated form making it economical and effective. 



Add 1 spoonful (.33 grams) for every 17 gallon of water. The treatment should continue for 8 days. In case of water change, re-dose base on the amount of new water. This compelets the treatment, a second treatment may be needed if symptoms continues. 


For a more effective treatment:


Raise the temperature to 80-86 F. Please make sure your fish can handle the increase temperature. If this isn't the case, please set the temperature accordingly to the required temperature of the type of fish that's being housed. 



The addition of salt at the rate of 1gram per .25 gallon of water. Salt will enhance it's effectiveness by removingthe mucus that could help shield the parasite from the medication. 




Fluke X


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