Bactocide 2

Size: 20 grams

Treats: 200 US gallon of water


Bactocide 2 is an effective combination of compounds known to have anti-protozoan, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity for use on ornamental fish. These compounds work synergistically yielding fast and strong results against bacterial, protozoan and fungal caused diseases, while being gentle on the fish. The fish easily absorb Bactocide 2, making it very effective for internal diseases.


Proven effective synergistic blend of antibiotics to treat internal bacterial infection. 

Effective against:

  • Swim bladder infection
  • Buoyancy disorder
  • Head or tail standing body
  • Bloated stomach
  • Poor appetite
  • White feces
  • Cloudy eye
  • Bulging eye
  • Dropsy


Additonal info:

  • 1 spoon size scoop included.
  • 1 spoon scoop = 1 gram for every 40 liter of water (10 US gallon).
  • Treats total of 200 gallons.
  • Medication direction included.
  • Mix medication powder in a container with water before distributing evenly in the aquarium.
  • One treatment consist of 3 full days of discus under medication.
  • Do 100% water change and repeat treatment.
  • For best results, must conduct at least three full treatment cycle (9-days treatment)
  • Lower water level to 30% of hospital tank size. This reduce water pressure and restrict movement of the fish.
  • If symptoms continue, additional rounds of treatment may needed.


Bactocide will have an impact on the bio-filter, therefore it is preferable to use it in a hospital tank. Except if you are dealing with disease throughout the whole aquarium, then it is suggested to medicate the whole aquarium tank with the filter removed (prevents nitrifying bacteria from dying altogether). Please continue aeration while under treatment, aquarium nitrogen cycle may need to recover after treatment.


*Note: Ammonia spikes will occur. Therefore, by doing interval water change between treatments, water parameters will be controllable as desire. Additionally, please take caution when treating tropical fish other than discus. As sensitivity level will differ from species to species.




We encourage all hobbyist to fully complete the treatment as per directed. Failing to fully complete the treatment by stopping short of the required days, will only fix short term problems and not completely fix the underlying issue. Furthermore, resulting in parasite & bacteria immunity towards the medication leading to more complications.


* is not liable for any incorrect use of medications purchased on this website, please research prior to purchasing. Secondly, we do not claim products sold on will entirely fix the problem the product is intended for. Use at own discretion. Store in a cool area, away from children's reach. For use on ornamental fish only, not intended for human consumption. Please contact your nearest emergency service if accidentally consumed.

Bactocide 2: Swim Bladder Cure