Bactocide 1: Bacterial disease destroyer

Size: 20 grams

Medication is derived from Natural herbs.


It is easy to claim that a product works wonders, but with proven lab results Discus hobbyist can now be confident in a product that stands by what its say. 

We have successfully mixed discus from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and wild discus, all in one facility. This would be a recipe for disaster -and it is- if bactocide was not used.


I am honestly excited about the results we achieved with this medication that literally saved the lives of thousands of fish. I want to share it with all discus hobbyists around the world so they can say goodbye to yesterday issues.


Bactocide attacks pathogens that is prone in newly acquired fish. Effective against bacteria and protozoa (like hexamita). This combination saves your discus at times of stressful situation like shipping, fish bullying, poor water conditions and cross contamination.


Bactocide is made of a careful blend of synergistic bacteriostatic, bactericidal and antiprotozoal antibiotics. It has a wide spectrum effect on gram-negative / gram-positive aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in addition to anti fungal activity.


Bactocide for treatment of fungal, internal bacterial and external bacterial dieases.

It will treat bacterial and protozoan caused diseases/symptoms like:

  • Discus Plague
  • Fin and Tail rot
  • Pop Eye
  • Cloudy Eye
  • Columnaris
  • Flavobacterium
  • Cloudy and peeling slime coat
  • Skin ulcer
  • Bacteria gill disease 
  • Poor appetite
  • White stringy poop



  • 1 spoon size scoop included.
  • 1 spoon scoop = 1 gram for every 40 liter of water (10.5 gal) for a two days treatment. 
  • Mix medication powder in a container with water before distributing evenly in the aquarium.
  • Do 100% water change and repeat treatment.
  • For full affect, must conduct three full treatment cycle (6-days treatment).


Do your fish a favor and grab one now!
A must have for unexpected emergencies!


Store in a cool dry location, away from children. For use on ornamental fish only not for human consumption. Bactocide will have an impact on the bio-load, therefore it is preferable to use in a separate hopsital tank. Except if you are dealing with disease throughout the whole aquarium, then it is suggested to medicate the whole aquarium tank.

Bactocide 1: Natural bacterial destroyer

  • Bactocide 1:

    Is your first line of defense. It is recommended for treatment of new imports or new fish in a separate tank before adding them into the main aquarium.


    Bactocide 1 kills harmful bacteria and infection that new discus fish may carry.


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