3-3.5" Assorted Discus

This product is offered as a package deal which consist of 5 discus. No special selecting, customer who order this package will receive a mix batch of discus. Customers are often delighted by this offering, making it a fun surprise.


Following Strain will be randomly picked. 

Blue Diamond

Flora SnakeSkin

White Butterfly


Rose Red

Red Panda

Red Scarlet 

Blue Cobalt 


*While Supplies Last.


Assorted Special 3-3.5"

  • Domesticated Discus are very hardy aquatic animals, but they do need attention and care. 



    Please quaratine newly discus before introducting them to an active aquarium. We suggest using Furan 2 or Nitrofuracin green as the best all around medication for new discus in quaratine. All orders will receive small dose of Nitrofuracin green that will last 7 days. 


    A Healthy Dscus:

    Feed a healthy mix diet to your newly aquatic friend. All are acceptable foods. Bloodworms, beefheart, pellet & flakes, freezer dried worms. 


    Ph requirments:

    Domesticated Discus do well in 7.3-8.3 Ph level which are normally associated with faucet water. Whether your faucet water Ph are lower or higher, we suggest keeping the Ph level constant. This constant ideal Ph would be much suitable and a healthier environment for your discus friends. 



    Good clean water makes a discus aquarium succesful. Make sure your filter system is cycled with good nitrifyng bacteria. Water change are best at 1 time per week (more water change may be needed depending on the level of aquatic animals and feeding). Siphon all uneaten food and waste daily. 

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