Discus Quarantine 

At Champion Discus, our aim is to ensure that our discus will thrive in our customers' care. We know that mistakes do occur and so we have created a quarantine outline for our customers to follow in hope that the first time won't be your last time as discus keepers.


One of the most important aspect of keeping any tropical fish is that each specimen or batch of new fish are carefully monitored in a separate tank and cleared from any sign of potential illness before introducing them into the main tank.


Step #1 Have a separate tank prepared ahead of time before the arrival of your order. You can use the following if a spare tank isn't available, (5 gal bucket or the styrofoam box your discus order came in). Also have/use separate cleaning supplies & equipment from that of your main aquarium. 


Step #2 When shipment arrives, you have two choice of acclimatization.

Choice #1: If all water parameters are same or near the same as your suppliers you can acclimatize your discus simply by cutting open the bag and pouring your discus onto a fish net while draining the bag water into a sink or bucket to be dispose of. Then transfer them into your quarantine tank. Pro: this release them of stress that was caused by shipping right away. Con: temp in the QT tank must be near the same or shocking your fish to death can happen.


Choice #2: By using a drip system your new arrivals can easy settle in with your current PH level and water temp. First have a bucket or container filled at 30-40% water level with newly conditioned or aged warm water. Then mix this new water with that of the shipping bag water, place discus inside bucket or container. Secondly, use an airline tube with one end inside your established quarantine tank and the other leading into the bucket. Create a siphon with the airline tube and once water starts to flow, tie a slight knot on the outgoing end of the tube. This creates a drip, within one hour to two hours your discus is ready to be transferred. 


Once transferred, maintain them in the quarantine tank for 5-8 weeks, while under quarantine we suggest to monitor them for irregular habits. For example: jolting movement, rubbing their gills on object, darken appearance, isolated and not eating. When these symptoms do occur, we suggest to investigate further before choosing to medicate.


After 5-8 weeks and no symptoms seem apparent, we suggest to introduce one of your least like fish into the discus quarantine tank and monitor again for 1 weeks. If no symptoms appear on the newly introduced fish or the least liked fish, it is assumed that all discus are healthy.